Thursday Evening Post: 3.26.20

I suppose now would be a good time to put the grind down on those bad habits. Said most everyone on the planet at once. Just had a spell of anxiety, myself. We’re familiar dance partners, so I can diagnose it pretty quick. I’ve had far worse doses in my past. And was in far…

Monday Evening Post: 3.16.20

I suppose now is as good a time as any. Might even be better than good. We shall see. So, Brother Thelonious is on the turntable, and I, yet again, sit down to write. There were elements keeping me from this, over the last few weeks. My own elements, mostly, or least the ones I’d…

some decade (or the ghost of new years’ past)

It is a nice number. At least regarding how us humans like to stack numbers. Those tasty patterns. And what a nice one ‘ten’ is, right? Lines up wonderfully within the hundreds, thousands, and so on.

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 12.8.19

The music shop opens later today than I had originally thought. Gives me an extra hour, which I thought might be enough time to get something down here. We shall see.