Sunday Morning Thoughts: 6.25.17

I wanted to say the soul is meant for labor. But it’s not quite that.

Maybe we can just try the words in another way. A mild effort, in and of itself.

Perhaps the word is better as work. But it seems to me to be something other than that, as well. Something not seeming so mandatory, whilst still being the best method of finding fulfillment. Though, I may just be thinking from my own personality. It is a habit I have. Everyone has a few bad ones.
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Sunday Morning Thoughts: 6.11.17

It’s alright. I understand. I do it too.

What is now hours upon hours spent flipping through the compartmentalized lives of hundreds of folks. Hunched over a pocket-sized glow. Whatever they choose to share. And whatever I choose to witness. Less than a moment spent on each. No longer knowing what it is that hope compels me to try and find. Looking for something. Finding nothing, as life goes walking by. Get likes. Give likes. An economy of attention, passively vicious in its theft of our humanity. Hoping to see something. Hoping to be seen.
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Sunday Morning Thoughts: 6.4.17

Blame is easy.

It all has to be someone else’s fault. And they must change. Not me. Not us. They did this. They’re doing it, and they’re doing it to us. Fear. Hate. Terror. Doom. It’s all coming and it’s all coming thanks to the vague and horrible ‘they’. The television. The newspaper. And that goddamn internet. It gives them the power to keep festering.
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Sunday Morning Thoughts: 5.7.17

It’s not easy. This whole, being alive thing.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s worth it. Or at least I think so, though I know that is not the mind of everyone. But any thing is harder than no thing, that’s for damn sure. I can’t recall anything from before this whole life business, but I feel quite certain I wasn’t putting forth much effort before. In all that nothing. If it was nothing. If it even was.

The easy way is not for me, I’ve found. Effort is rewarding. Rewarded. Effort is a reward. It may be madness, but I am often at my most profound whilst sporting sweat soaked hair. With my heart a-bounding and mind flirting frantically with the world around. All those other beasts about celebrating whatever they find in an evening. ‘Twas Derby day, after all.
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Sunday Morning Thoughts: 4.30.17

It might be from a movie. In fact, I think it most certainly is. I would like to think that it was said by some profound historic figure known for benevolence, justice and compassion. I want to think that, but ultimately, that doesn’t matter. Words are always more valuable in the minds of the listener, or in this case, the reader.
But the line is as follows:

‘What we do in this life, echoes through eternity.’

Pretty good, right?
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Sunday Morning Thoughts: 4.23.17

I’m not a man to lend favor to fortune.

I don’t dig miracles or happy endings, either. Don’t get me wrong, I get why folks do. It’s just me. I cannot see hoping for fate to mend your woes as much more than just plain laziness. Assuming by resorting to begging the gods, one has given up on their own efforts towards whatever endeavor might lie before them.

This very idea upsets people. I know it. No one likes to think their deities as trivial. Real or otherwise. But they are. Even if real, which I have many a doubt about. Even electing to follow the advice and law of texts of centuries past is most certainly a lack of will power to look at the world for how it is. Addicted to what the prophets have said ‘will be’.
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