Sunday Evening Post: 8.2.20

I feel some returning elasticity to my mind, these days. A continuing conflict, for sure, but a battle that must be thought.

Gone Politickin’

We’re going to try and do this whole thing without any proper nouns. Let’s give it a whirl. Sooo…. Some speech the other night, right? Seriously though, there was a lot more there that makes it like a Shakespearean scene than you’d think. Empty gestures. Pettiness. Detachment from realities. Even the sad and brooding spouse…

Internet Killed the Local Band Star (Or is at Least Trying To)

I’m mad as hell. And I’m not going to take it anymore. And no, it’s not about what’s going on the news channels. I cannot feel the urge to care about that in this moment. Selfish, perhaps. But I’ve got something else to vent about. It’s not a toupee, by the way. It’s modern science….

Ears Up and Shut Up, Please

I was going to write yesterday. I’ve found that it is already working much better today. So instead of writing yesterday, you might ask, what did I do?