some decade (or the ghost of new years’ past)

It is a nice number. At least regarding how us humans like to stack numbers. Those tasty patterns. And what a nice one ‘ten’ is, right? Lines up wonderfully within the hundreds, thousands, and so on.

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 6.17.18

No two are the same. Similar, sure. Almost exact, but never the same. And perhaps wilder than that is how little time they spend in the now. Hours, or more, in anticipation. Anxious for what is to come. Excited. Hopeful. Or even drenched in dread. Much time is spent waiting for these moments to arrive….

leaving new york

if’n it were dim, would be romantic these lights, no good for the anxious- so, he sips the glass, as done thousands before… waiting to leave waiting to be some(where) (one) else