Sunday Morning Thoughts: 7.1.18

It is how we see ourselves? Or how all the others see us?

I suppose I’ve been in midst of one. Again. I suppose everyone goes through them. Periodically, until we fall down under the dirt. All this wondering about who. And the subsequent how and why. Though this wouldn’t be called a crisis. More just a query of a more intense nature. I’ve had crises before, all shapes and forms. Bet I’ve got a few more left in me as well. Just not now.
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Sunday Morning Thoughts: 3.11.18

I wonder, and you are welcome to wonder with me, whether it is proper in this life to weed out the good habits from the bad and place them in some prominence while the others are destroyed. Or at least covered up.

What I mean to suggest, is whether there is not some merit to holding on to bad habits. Perhaps, there might even be great potential to some, all depending on the make or model.

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