Friday Eveing Post: 11.27.20

I think of purpose. And destiny, if there is such a thing woven within the fabric of our doomed little sentience. I think of whys and if, and in so many ways, that makes me just like most others. Which then demands, in all its barbaric eloquence, the question of why it is I ever…

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 11.24.19

I began to scheme what I might write, last night for this morning. That then, proceeded to implode upon itself. Life. The way it goes. Etc.

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 12.9.18

What is worth when weighed in the eyes of some other? And what be if those eyes are absent? What then? The reflected eyes above the sink? They are not always the kindest pair. Not mine. Not to me.

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 11.26.17

Life is about balance, right? Or so say all the half-assed sages. Any idiot with a blog claiming to be a life coach or a spiritual warrior or some other shit can go on and on about what you need to get more or less of in order to be happy. Lose weight. Do what…