Sunday Morning Thoughts: 2.25.18

Why bother? No, seriously. I mean it. Why bother? I know I’m not the only one who has that cross their mind. Particularly, of late. There’s more of you in this world, I know it. I watch the news, here and there.

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 2.4.18

Something about a good conversation on mortality just gets me. Might just be good conversation in general, but I dare argue that if you converse effectively, the doomed topic arises. What else are we mortals to think about? Life and living are the only things we know. Along with knowing we don’t do so forever.

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 1.28.18

The following contains contradictions. As you already know, if you’ve been here before. But humor me, if you will. Don’t think of this here as dichotomy. That implies a growing and unavoidable division. Or at least the way I see the word. Let’s dig it instead as dualities. Halves of a whole. Different, sure. Opposing,…

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 1.21.18

A day late. And I still hesitate. Though this time, only for the coffee to finish her brew. As it goes, for that specific kind of junkie. I can hear it. Through the open door, to the other room. I hope it finishes soon. Though that would mean I would have to get to what…