Sunday Morning Thoughts: 12.8.19

The music shop opens later today than I had originally thought. Gives me an extra hour, which I thought might be enough time to get something down here. We shall see.

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 4.28.19

The gentleman that sold me my bedtime six pack remembered me. After years. And after without a thought between the either of us regarding the other. It’s been a while, he said. You moved? I told him I did. Funny thing, the timing of questions.

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 12.16.18

So, what woes compel you this day? This week? What convinced you to peel yourself from bed and suffer all the consequences that come subsequent? Why (said in fear of sounding redundant) doth thou bother? Well, lunch plans were made. And I did agree to work an extra shift tonight. And I have much work…