Friday Evening Post: 10.30.20

Why again? Why now? It couldn’t possibly be that there is any substantial word flow about to occur. The arrival of some unannounced clarity, casting answers down upon us all like some memory sequestered summer rain?

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 1.13.19

By tomorrow, it shall be done. Today even. Maybe. All depends on how quickly I can bleed this week’s stone. And if anything else might end up happening today.

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 1.6.19

My left eye is a bit askew. Not much, but certainly not an even set. I think they say that’s the case for most people. Not much true symmetry in the human face. Makes for boring looks.

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 12.2.18

‘Tis here. Again. Dreary weather. Aggressive commercialism. Synthesized prerequisites for communal happiness. And all the wonderful reminders of your own loneliness, a fear in perpetuity. Bah humbug, as said the classic holiday scapegoat. Not the green furry one. The one that’s pretty much C. Montgomery Burns, but in England and more covered in coal dust.