Sunday Evening Post: 8.2.20

I feel some returning elasticity to my mind, these days. A continuing conflict, for sure, but a battle that must be thought.

Tuesday Evening Post: 6.9.20

     The wonder whether I was ever as able as I once thought, or if my ego disguised my own powerlessness from me- that conundrum weighs heavy on my mind.      There was a dream. Not last night, but the one prior. A dream that pulled at emotions I thought dissolved. They were not, it…

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 11.3.19

I don’t do enough, right? There’s stuff to be done, and here I go again, not doing. Guilt ridden in a world for me to maybe be a beam of better instead of all this not that I am.

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 1.13.19

By tomorrow, it shall be done. Today even. Maybe. All depends on how quickly I can bleed this week’s stone. And if anything else might end up happening today.