Thursday Evening Post: 7.22.21

     It is quite a thing when a task feels simultaneously foreign and natural. To know a sense of belonging whilst still feeling some nakedness upon engagement. Thousands upon thousands of words, derived from some smaller yet still quantitative number of thoughts have occurred in this here spot. And no closer may we be, even…

Sunday Evening Post: 8.2.20

I feel some returning elasticity to my mind, these days. A continuing conflict, for sure, but a battle that must be thought.

Tuesday Evening Post: 6.9.20

     The wonder whether I was ever as able as I once thought, or if my ego disguised my own powerlessness from me- that conundrum weighs heavy on my mind.      There was a dream. Not last night, but the one prior. A dream that pulled at emotions I thought dissolved. They were not, it…

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 11.3.19

I don’t do enough, right? There’s stuff to be done, and here I go again, not doing. Guilt ridden in a world for me to maybe be a beam of better instead of all this not that I am.