Sunday Morning Thoughts: 11.25.18

There was a note this morning. Left from myself. Orange paper, stuck to the desk. It read, “it is good for a poet to wait in the rain.”

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 9.23.18

The beer is fine on the carpet. We’ll sleep tomorrow. So today, was not what I thought it would be. As though it ever could be to be begin with. Yet still, what I had vaguely schemed the first time I attempted waking this morning was far off from what was. But looking back, I…

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 5.20.18

It has been a while. Almost feels like a first time. Again. Hiatus explanations are weak, however. At least compared to the effect of what is supposed to follow. Not to put myself in a position to sell said self as successful. Nor to contradict towards failure.