Sunday Morning Thoughts: 12.10.17

I do fear, sometimes, this is all bullshit. It snowed the other day where I live. That did help, a bit. Changing of seasons makes for nice patterns to ritualistic self-discovery.

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 11.12.17

I’m late this week. And I missed the week before entirely. Not through intention. Or from doing nothing. But a Sunday passed with no mutterings from me. Then, came another. And still, thoughts stuck to my mind only. And though the ol’ thoughts wandered many a place, I think now of whether missing a week…

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 8.20.17

Time! That bastard! All this talk of human might… and yet at the clock’s mercy we all remain. I can hide it or dress it up any way I’d like. As can you. But the ‘tick-tock’ of inevitability can be deafening. Something we all were supposed to learn from Captain Hook, yet never quite did….

Sunday Morning Thoughts: 3.19.17

I often ask myself about futility. Or, I am this morning, at least. Whether there is control or not and how the business about bothering up a try at anything can seem pointless. Fruitless. Because, as we all know, you cannot fail if you do not try. It’s a dichotomy. One needs the other to…