Sunday Morning Thoughts: 8.13.17

Apologies for the delay, if you’ll allow it. If ye shan’t, I will still proceed. It has been a busy few days. Weeks. Months. Life.

I insist upon it that way though. It seems to be how I like to operate. Never tired, though justification for being so would not be farfetched.

And how I occupy all that time still varies greatly. Yesterday, I made music. The day before that, a wedding. Prior to that I was at my day job. And each day before those was each filled with something else. Idle time is not often permitted for this bum.

And on this day, I gaze upon a short and very last minute to-do list and a brand new, unused passport. A few more things left to pack but by the time sun sets on the eastern seaboard of this great land, I shall be in the air. Off to another continent for the first time in my life.

It is true. Despite my attempts at seeming ‘worldly’, I have yet to step foot on another land mass than the one upon which I was born. I must say, there are nerves beginning to drum. I had not thought much of it before today. Always having time consumed by action does not always make room for long winded thought. Perhaps that is why I keep myself busy the way I do. Perhaps not.

Either way, it does not matter. For I have learned something this summer. As though I were just a teenage kid again. Or maybe I was just remembering something forgotten. Though it does feel new. Somehow. New enough to trick your ol’ narrator into believing it.

What it is quite simple. So much so, it is hard to comprehend how it could not be seen. And what it is, is this:

Hold your expectations secondary.

And keep your eyes and mind and heart open to what is already around. For it is then, you may find that which you did not know you were looking for. Something far beyond expectations. Far beyond what an imagination can cook up. And better still, because there it will be. Real and tangible before you. Even with the winds of freefall whipping all around.

And what a time and what a way to test it out!

Off I go to a land from where a good bit of my ancestry lies. Though they were all so long ago, I cannot say that I know any of the specifics of where it is they were or what they did. But they were there. And soon, I will be there as well. Still wide eyed, despite dark rings beneath the green.

And I will be traveling alone. Something that hopeless romantic in my soul adores so very much. That part of myself that just won’t die, no matter what the world throws its way. At least thus far.

Though the trip shall not be lonely. Each place I shall visit has a different group of folks ready to spend the time with me. But in between those place, it shall be me, a pen and paper and the Irish countryside.

But as far as what to say today, I find myself short. Though that is not that upsetting of a matter. For I shall still be away for next Sunday. And If I were a betting man, I would reckon I may have a few things to ramble about then.

While I’m away though, please take care of each other. Here, at home. The land that I love so very much, despite all her flaws and failings. I know it is hard right now. But we can make it better. But to do so, you must be willing to the right thing. To be the better person, no matter how you may benefit or lose because of it.

For it may be my madness talking again but if everyone were trying the best that can to make whatever world is around them better, it may just actually happen. But you cannot go by what would just make your world better. You must try for everyone. We are all brothers and sisters. And not in the peace and love, hippie way. Like two dipshit siblings fighting each other over every little bit of nonsense.

We do not pick our families. But if we don’t take care of each other, what else is there?

Think it over. I’ll be back in a week.


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