Sunday Morning Thoughts: 7.8.18

Perhaps I don’t speak of my own fortune enough. Though it may not be something that is total luck responsible. I am grateful all the same.

I had a few dozen mimosas yesterday. The annual celebration of the birth of one of my dearest friends. Something that has occurred for the almost decade that I’ve known her. A joyous occasion in living honor of one of the greatest humans I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.

She is an example of this fortune I mentioned. And though she is one of the greatest souls I’ve ever know, I have no shortage of great souls in my life. The entire day was filled with wonderful people. And wonderful is often the kind of person I find myself entangled with. Whether it is random luck or just the energy returning that I have put out into the universe is a debate my modesty currently won’t allow. But the why is not the focus here. This is about appreciation.

So cheers, to all these grand folks I have come to know. The ones that I share blood with. Those I have shared tears with. A bed with. A home. A child. Those were part of the memories that I hold dear. The ones who I have hurt and been forgiven. Those who have hurt me, whether they meant to or not.

It is easy to want to judge a life based upon accomplishment. The things that we do. Success, wealth, knowledge- all this that may mark us down in history, large and small. But I dare ask you, if a tree gets a Nobel Peace prize and no one is there to see it, does it matter?

I have accomplished a good deal of things in this life of mine. And aim to accomplish much more. But none of that matters without other humans to share it with. And what a group of humans I get to call friend. People I have seen the world with. Share pain and pleasure. Shared hopes. Dreams. I’ve even shared loneliness with someone, which is an incredible phenomenon. Two kids, alone together in the world. If only for a moment. An elegant moment that can live in the mind forever.

It may be the people we surround ourselves with that is the true testament of who we are. Those we attract are not there for any old reason. There are people gone from my life that I don’t miss at all. The thought of them hardly ever arises. And then there are those who I think of every day. And have for years.

So this will stay brief, as the point is well made. Cheers to those we have in this life. Those I’ve come to know. Those I will come to know better. And those I’ve yet to meet.

Cheers to you, and all you might do.

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