Monday Evening Post: 3.16.20

I suppose now is as good a time as any. Might even be better than good. We shall see.

So, Brother Thelonious is on the turntable, and I, yet again, sit down to write.

There were elements keeping me from this, over the last few weeks. My own elements, mostly, or least the ones I’d come up with after some outside influences did some outside influencing. A decision was made. Sort of. Well, yes, it was made. This is proof of that decision, small and perhaps insignificant though it may be.

But the funny thing about sizes and perspectives in this, our observable universe- the smallest seemingly most insignificant things can often hold tremendous power. You need only look around to see for yourself.

Empty shelves in stores and empty stools in bars. Schools and businesses closed, all in what might have otherwise been considered a very lovely early spring. And the normal seasonal and cultural celebrations, particularly in the part of the northern hemisphere where I find myself residing- all of them cancelled.

Funny thing. My first NYC St. Pat’s was exactly a decade ago now. A day I may, still, never forget. Impactful stuff. But for all the opposites that this impending one will hold. Everything was full. The streets, my glass, my heart, etc.

Small and seemingly insignificant. I speak not of the virus. As I am not a scientist. I know not much more than the average human on the subject. Less, even. But it is fear that does this, far more than any microorganism. And fear like this, starts as a small idea.

Validity? Sure, and plenty enough of it. But it is not as though this is the only organic attack on human life we face in an otherwise spotless existence. By matters of regular occurrence and record keeping, we have been far more danger to ourselves in the 20th and 21st century than any other outside influence. Motor vehicle accidents, heart disease, murder, suicide, neglect, cancer, obesity- just to name a few. And that’s leaving out the biggest killer of humans for the last hundred… hell, probably closer to a thousand years. War.

Right, wrong or otherwise indifferent or agenda oriented, I’d bet that war is the biggest bump in the road of human life expectancy and death rate.

Should we not take suggestions from credible and knowledgeable institutions, organization and individuals? No. Of course not. That would be ignorant. Or just plain dumb. Preventative measure are likely to be seen as unnecessary when they work. And I’d rather not live in a world that always looks back and wish it did more to make it all not so bad.

But maybe we should go direct to the sources themselves. Because I may not be a scientist, but I was once on the path to become a broadcast newsman. ‘Tis true. Got a degree and everything. Even once had my own ID badge for the famous building named after an infamously rich man and family where one of the largest media conglomerates holds and hosts its local and national ‘news’ programs. And based on that knowledge and experience, though limited it ended up being, I can tell you this. The job of the television news industry, on all levels but vastly more so on the national level, is not to keep the public informed. Some folks who work in the field believe otherwise, working towards positive tenants and morals and try and live by that, sure. They want to help. They want to work and get the best information to give people.  

But when the big decisions are made by the people who have the nicest offices, it comes down to this:

  1. Did more people tune in to watch our program than all the others? If yes, good, keep pushing those stories (even long past any shred of newsworthiness). If no, the fucking fix that by putting the story that sells the best out front.
  2. Did we get enough advertising money?

There is a reason prescription mood or emotion altering drugs are advertised heavily on the twenty four hour news networks and very rarely on the comedy channels.  

And just as I was about to go on typing more about the paranoia and fear that is running through our society, my mother called me. And after that phone call, I don’t think I’ll be going on about all that anymore.

 Someone is probably profiting off of all this, most definitely, but for us regular folk, that isn’t the concern. Wash your hands, which you should have been doing anyway. Stay in and read more, which you should have been doing anyway. And check in with your loved ones. Which, you should have been doing anyway.

And I, should have been working on my writing this whole time. But it was another one of those existential conundrums I drum up for myself. And a big enough chunk of it had to do with the former moniker of this thought experiment.

Started a short age ago (within the center of the closest National Guard quarantine zone, oddly enough), this was the place for hungover and depleted thinking. On a day when nothing was regularly required of me, so I thought and rambled and thought and clicked away. Such was my former station in live It had served a great purpose for me and though that purpose has been played and new ones made from its ashes- a change, she was bound to come.

So I’ll say now, for the few people other than myself for whom this may have any impact at all- there will not be another Sunday Morning Thoughts. A good run, but off it shall run, away from me forever.

What a run it was, though, eh?

And the spirit lives on. And the ambition. Just circumstances, as it often goes, needed a change. Monday evenings work better for me anyway. His new station I have in life.

And maybe, with all this self-quarantining going around, I might get some readership. Might even crank out a short or a poem or two before this whole thing is done.

Maybe a song or so, under another fake name. Might even record a video of me singing and carrying on.

Stay tuned, as your humble narrator attempts to put forth some content to pull you from your depths. As he, (me), tries to pull himself from his own.

Cheers. And Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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