legacy, regarding humans

 I wonder
 what our dust will show
 will they, the after,
 will they know?
 or does boldness begin
 the prevalent sin
 in thinking
 we might go on
 I wonder
 of doom,
 our overprescribed end times-
 the faulty wired words
 of those who
 of death
 and the damned phrase
 ‘not ready yet’
 the desire
 for rewritten endings.
 I wonder
 whether asunder
 is the way
 this species sets to stay-
 if to tear apart
 thine neighbor
 is standard operating behavior,
 and saviors
 are but the lore
 of lonely folk,
 the like that think themselves greater,
 who think up,
 up, and
 and not today,
 maybe, later.
 I wonder,
 if the lies believed,
 be passed on,
 if the truth, when seized,
 does its vanishing come
 or is it but the reveal,
 of the empty 
 you would come to steal?
 I wonder
 of optimistic folly
 and the truly human calling-
 or fanaticism-
 both seeming far,
 the cost and product
 of overactive

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