Sunday Morning Thoughts: 4.30.17

It might be from a movie. In fact, I think it most certainly is. I would like to think that it was said by some profound historic figure known for benevolence, justice and compassion. I want to think that, but ultimately, that doesn’t matter. Words are always more valuable in the minds of the listener, or in this case, the reader.
But the line is as follows:

‘What we do in this life, echoes through eternity.’

Pretty good, right?

I thought so, as well.

Regarding not where the words are from, let’s look instead at where they are going.

And for the hip kids, I propose we break it down now, son.

We still live in a world where lots of folks are damn near totally convinced that there is undeniably life beyond this flesh we trudge along in on this planet. Meaning our own life. That the soul transcends this body and is transported to either a paradise or prison after judgement is cast upon a life full or void of actions of all types. I know this, because people blow others or even themselves up to get to such places. It’s on the news, a lot. And in history books. Folks with religions that follow the many types of creed, mostly have the afterlife tidbit. People have burned themselves alive to reach paradise. Other folks have spent it caring for the sick, and feeding the poor and destitute. Some humans fight new knowledge and facts tooth and nail to justify the path towards their heaven.

Hell, there’s even dudes who wear the same outfit every day and agree to never get laid to reach that place. Chicks too. Which is a bummer. Because I don’t know if you’ve ever had sex or not, but it’s not bad. At all. It’s actually quite dope. Especially if you’re lucky enough to be in love. Even if for only that moment.

The relevance of that? Proof that you can change the habits of those who live generations upon generations after you, based upon some words. Even if those words are false.

Now, I know it’s all supposed to be the word of the true god or gods, but the simple fact that not everyone thinks the same god or gods are pulling the strings, sews some disbelief in me about deities in general. And it is very known that the texts, from which all the dogma and do’s and do nots are drawn, have been penned by men. And edited by them as well. I’m looking at you, King Jim.

How many of you read that as Kim Jong? A bunch I bet. That damn television, I tell ya. Really gets in the old noggin.

But anyway.

Humans. Men don’t do everything in this world. They only make up half the population, at best. Though, political and cultural correctness should never get in the way of historical accuracy. And most of these texts are made by men. Particularly the Abrahamic religions. There is far too much brutishness and savagery for it to come from women. Even when vengeful, or spiteful, or angry, or controlling- women tend to have a good bit more poise and finesse.

Though either male or female, the human made aspect remains. If there is divinity, it comes from elsewhere. But if something can be pulled from it, it might be this. That even mere mortals have already influenced the tides of history. It’s been done, and is still being done, despite how naturally helpless it is to feel human at times.

To go back to the thesis, the problem may be with the ideology of the word eternity. It is seen too much as something supernatural, whereas eternity is very much natural. Most words and humans perish into oblivion. Memories fade and those who never met you will care less and less about whatever legacy you have left. That is, if you acted ordinary. Or were just lucky or unlucky enough to live in ordinary times. If you lived and died without striving towards anything beyond your grasp. Though, never totally.

Even the bad can influence the good. Natural disasters can bring people together. Unnatural as well. Unwilling and abusive parents can produce children of wonder, and the horror that they may not even realize they commit can motivate greatness in their spawn. Not always, of course. And sadly. It is more often that a person grown in comfort and love brews laziness in their soul. Unmotivated to do more than hardly reaching expectations set for them, forgetting entirely about setting any of their own.

But before we get off point, let us get back to our little rock of near hairless apes and what they can do.

Think of it like this, our power for conviction is so strong the words of billions are molded by the words of a few. Actions as well, but only words can truly lie. For example, we’ll look at the planet. Its hotter. Totally is. Been getting hotter in my lifetime, which if you can’t tell from my optimism, hasn’t been all that long. Ice that we were using without even realizing is melting. And lots and lots of folks live in places where, if the water goes up even a little bit, will lose all of their worldly possessions and very possibly their lives. And yes, this is happening. I know, because a few people out of the few billion that are alive, keep track of things like temperatures and sea level and different types of gases in the air and what those gases can do and all that boring stuff that you can’t really remember from school. Turns out, some folks liked all that stuff. Who knew?

And despite all this gathering of hard concrete information, there are still boatloads of folks who are calling bullshit. Not even about human action’s influence upon these changes, which the nerds are pretty convinced has something to do with it all, there are people who deny that it is happening at all. And if you live in the United States, those people make up more than half of your legislative branch. By the way. In case, you know, you cared.

But I give you an example of horror because it is what comes first to mind. It is not what lingers though. Not for me at least.

Because you cannot be brave, without knowing fear. And you cannot save the world unless it is in peril. And me, as of here and now, have only my words to work with. There are other things, which I most certainly do. But it is Sunday morning and I don’t have a pretty girl to talk to, so save the world I shall. Or try. Though from either another movie or old fanous person or both, I once heard:

‘Do, or do not. There is no try.’

So, what we do and say, effects what happens. Strange when it is phrased as such. Seems too obvious. But it is as simple as that. The trick is getting the unmotivated moving. And get the fearful to step up. There won’t be capes and there won’t be monsters, not outside of ourselves. Call me crazy, but I bet somewhere in the world there are a bunch of mean looking bikers, all gathering together, and somehow and very effectively and passionately, are going to party all day to raise money so little kids don’t have to die of some sort of illness. I bet. And a vast man other unexpected of such strange seeming occurrences, all working towards some vague benevolence.

So, sing and dance. Read and write. Make love and only fight the fight that needs to be fought, which should never be the one that you pick. And be a better person, in whichever way you can do the best. Fuck the crutch of saying you tried.


And also, I looked it up. The first quote was in Gladiator. The movie. Though they say it’s based something some old famous guy said. Marcus, something or other. Old Italian guy.

I’m too embarrassed to admit not remembering where the second one was from.

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