Sunday Morning Thoughts: 1.14.18

Perhaps it is as easy as clicking the wrong button.

It is nice to think that the tiny, infuriating paperclip being would arrive and inquire whether one was sure of their decision. But being nice does not always make it so. And as a result of yesterday’s folly, folks had to huddle together in their bathrooms, basements and where ever else they could find in that island paradise with the hope that would keep them and those they love safe from the ‘I don’t know what’ that they were told was on its way.

We’d like to think our lives, nations and world used to be stable. It used to be better. And maybe such once was the way.

But I?

Well, me thinks that what we have here, in today’s day and age as they say, is the clumsy and blundering reveal of all the chaos that had been present for this and many generations prior. That unsound and unstable madmen, and not the poetic type, have been calling whatever shots that were available to call.

And here in the land of milk, honey and a vast synthetic drug market- this dichotomy we have known to separate societal ideologies seems to be more pronounced, wide and persuasive than ever before. Divided, irreparably so, some may say.

Because it wasn’t that so many folks got a message that their whole island might be blown up that scared people. It was the seeming plausibility of it. They couldn’t doubt it because on the quite theatrical world stage, the situation for such seems to have huge, huge potential.

I never could stand that Twitter stuff.

And yet!

For all of the chaos and dissonance in this dystopian prelude, I dare say that there has never been so much ability and potential for unity.

Now, dig. This does not make me some gung-ho, wide-eyed and hopeful champion of globalism. I am very certainly not. I’d rather be left alone. With my own ideal conclusion of life to heavily involve front porches, mountain views and solitude- the thought of a heavy web of dependency ‘round the planet, be it brainwashed, kumbaya or otherwise, doesn’t quite appeal.

But there shan’t be no mountains to hide away to if this species doesn’t get it together. We are far too big and many for this rock to keep going as is. And considering forced sterilizations and population reduction never go down the roads myself and many of you may consider moral, we are left with the option of problem solving through community.

I know, I know… group projects fucking suck. You either get paired up with folks that you enjoy, so nothing ever gets done. Or you get humans less desirable to your taste, making each moment seem like social agony. But it has to be done. So tough shit to me, I suppose.

Though, I would be fool to try and convince you that my heart is so bitter. I enjoy my solitude but other humans are generally alright. Even the shitbirds among us. Living in our personal, little shitholes.

However, there is a dichotomy present in the species communal consciousness. Not the sort that would be immediately thought of, but when laid out, does make quite a bit of sense. I watched a video of a smart enough cat discussing the idea with some run-of-the-mill English interviewer. If you have the time, check it out.

I believe it was the same dude who authored a book I was recommended in a grand, old pub in Galway this past summer. I keep forgetting to check.

Hold on.

Yup. Totally is. Look at that.

I guess I should pick up that book.

But anyway. The dichotomy and such. Right.

So, on one side, we have nationalism. Isolated kingdoms and so on. Self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Globalism then stands apart and across from there. A vast, interdependent commune.

Insert imagery of a duel here.


Those that want to revert back to what is now seen as the new local and those that want all the world to work as one. And despite where you stand, you must allow yourself to at the very least consider the possibility that perhaps the person(s) whose thoughts oppose yours, no matter how crude, abrasive or unaesthetic, is (are) not some inexplicable malevolence. And further, consider the idea that the true monsters that exist among us are not as plentiful as sold to us. And that those seen as such, may just be ailing beyond repair in the mind. And soul. And that sickness does not come from nowhere.

I’m no doctor, but I believe cures are best found once knowing of what causes the disease in the first place. But like I said, what in the hell do I know?

And though I see from both sides as best I can, I know well enough where my mind resides. Because for all that might be said of it, the nationalist idea is still that closer to the maintenance of individuality. The libertarian sort that would rather be left more on their own than dependent on society. It reeks of poetic freedom and appeals greatly to me. And maybe I might have lived in such away, were I born a few generations and a few billion people ago.

I was not. And if you’re reading this, neither were you. The world is filing up and we have been now forced to become aware of it. And besides, for all my thoughts on being lone, I am intertwined and dependent on other humans. For all sorts of things. As a few of them are for me.

We are intertwined around the world. For all the good and all the horror. Whether we like it or not. The roots are too deep to pull without consequence. So, we must cultivate from where our lives stem. Cultivate the chaos.

The how’s of specifics are not easy, nor for me to decide. I am not designing infrastructure or managing global migration. I do not sit on war councils or special hearing committees. I am no monarch, diplomat or dictator. Nor do I believe I ever shall be. But maybe you are.

I am a writer. Amateur, perhaps, but word working is among the specific deeds in which I engage. It is with this, I attempt to do my part.

So. I ask you to consider an open mind. As I ask of myself. And one should particularly consider such if they already believe their mind to be open. Thinking one is listening and actually listening are often confused. We ain’t going for appeasement. We aim for compromise. And you can’t compromise unless both people give something to the other party and take a little something away from themselves.

And if folks are open to possibilities, then my madness compels me to believe that a good bit of back and forth might start getting the right people into the right rooms. We must not look in the same places for solutions that have never been found there. It is our mass ways and behaviors that brought us here, and those of our parents, and theirs and so on, and so on. Perpetuating in the same way is by definition of some famous quote, madness.

How does it go? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? Something like that.

Not sure if any world leaders, or potential world leaders are reading this, but heed the holler, if you don’t mind. It is not my place to draft peace treaties and rebuild energy infrastructure. And as many believe, that is not the job for many people who hold such positions.

It is my place, I believe, to get in the heads of such folks. Those that will go on to govern and build and create. Not by force. But as I attempt here. As I may have done in ways before. My role may be only to light sparks. It may be for others to fan them to life.

And because rambling on the fate and potential doom of humanity is far less scary for me than talking of romance.

But I am a strange bird.

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