Friday Evening Post: 10.30.20

Why again? Why now?

It couldn’t possibly be that there is any substantial word flow about to occur. The arrival of some unannounced clarity, casting answers down upon us all like some memory sequestered summer rain?


First snow of the year, today. Not much, but it lingered for a moment. Splattered and speckled white upon the final embers of autumnal deciduous decay. A fall squall, if you will.

I suppose it is a nice reminder about the cyclical shape of this living system, even if the vast majority of it all occurs without any regard for your narrator.

Turn, turn, turn, she goes.

And at best, reaching out a hand, he can do little more than stammer, always just behind.

So, no. I haven’t solved it all yet. It is quite possible that this is as close as I’ll ever get. I think there might be further to go. We might even get somewhere at least a little ways away by the winding down of this rant. But, I could be wrong. No shortage of that in my life, despite all the fantasized righteousness.

I wonder, though. I wonder whether we’ll be as alright as I hope we will be. Whether we’ll be alright. All of us. Us humans, trying as we might to navigate this over stimulated, post-truth world. And before us, resides choices that most wish wouldn’t have to be the ones to be made. No defined paths forwards, and a constant balance of potential doom all around. The sometimes vague, sometimes specific overall cloaking of existential dread that has evolved since the dawn of this species. Perhaps, even from before then. But I must say, the acceleration of exponentially increasing conundrums of the last few generations is especially noteworthy. Pretty sure it’s the quickest of any and all kinds of growth in all our recorded history.

Trust me, I’ve been buffing out on history podcasts. And the good old written word, but my fiction consumption of books outpaces the non. May always be that for me.

But I have been digesting examinations from various points of the past. I thought it important to learn more before any more words fall out of my own self. A bit of continuing self-education. Which has been proving its use. An increase of general sharpness, in addition to the immensely potent perspective of being able to live in the times this moment finds us. Because despite all the troubles, and holy s**t there are plenty of those- despite all that, humanity is at some all-time highs. If nothing else, our communicative abilities are insane compared to not even a century ago. Hell, in my cosmically miniscule life thus far alone the ability to communicate and record information and opinion has blow up in increments that few folks can even understand the reach of some expressions.

Don’t believe me? Ask the ghosts of soldiers that died never knowing that whatever war they were fight was already over because word never got to their particular area in time. There could be billions of cats like that, scattered across the early ages of the Humans of Earth. And though it were to be on the Home Box Office next season.

And it very well may be, that being able to spread (mis)information at the current rate is more than this stage of our evolution is capable of handling. Even within neighboring generations of our time, you can see the disparity. It’s one of the many things that we are told every day separates us from one another. There seem to be lots of those types of things. So says the TV. So says the computer. And so say the mobs.

But I still believe in us. All of us, sentient beasts. It hasn’t been easy, and I know we all have our opinions, as we should. And I am sure that many folks are similar to me in that those opinions we hold are scattered and vary based upon certain factors and influences. And that no group, political party, or organization otherwise out there exactly lines up with all the things you or I might believe to be right or true. And I can’t help but think it is supposed to be that way, and the biggest lie that has been passed around as of late is that if someone doesn’t agree with you in absolutes, then they must be entirely wrong.

That is bulls**t.

I know for a fact that I don’t even agree on everything with myself. Forget being that way with everyone else on the planet. And what a boring species that would be, one that always agreed in a unilateral fashion on every idea and decision. What a bunch of dweebs we would be.

Yet, I see and fear that folks are too twisted and provoked emotionally to take those deep breaths needed to get us through. We are not a perfect lot. Nor may we ever be. But any look backward on this human tale will likely show that overall, we are getting better. History is littered with crimes and hate and viciousness. For every major accomplishment, it is almost a guarantee that suffering in some way helped to make it happen. We should not sugarcoat our past. We cannot hide from it. But those folks are not us. As someday (fingers-crossed), future generations will say about all of us, as they look back on how far the species has come.

There is lots of work to do. But hey, I’ll make this promise, if you want to make it too. That as we go forward, we try our best to be kind. I think, rather, I believe that a bit of kindness as we march into the future could do us a world of good.

Hoping that it isn’t just me.

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